Solutions To Help Your People

Conflicts are often preventable just by revealing a better understanding of what makes people tick. We utilize proven solutions that provide measurable impact to your people and your business. Whether you are an HR Executive looking for an assessment tool to use in your Team Building trainings or looking for an experienced trainer to help your organization be more effective, we are your solution! Our assessment tools can provide a clear picture of both the individual and the job, including behaviors, motivators and personal skills.

Get Certified

We work with you to create dynamic trainings through virtual, in person and online, self-paced Certification Programs.


We offer several assessments designed to uncover specific aspects of an individual’s true self and improve team communication.

Team Building & Leadership

Our dynamic trainers will help to transform communication within your teams and develop your organization’s future leaders. 


We offer several assessments designed to uncover specific aspects of an individual’s true self.
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TTI Talent Insights™


Combining both behaviors (DISC) and 12 Driving Forces (motivators) into one integrated report, Talent Insights explains the how and why behind a person’s actions. Understand behaviors individuals bring to a team while uncovering motivators behind those behaviors. Get to know individual employees or capture a snapshot of the entire team with this innovative report.

Commonly used to: engage employees, coach leaders, build better communication and to select the right team members for the right positions.

Leadership Development Program

The business world is quickly realizing potential leaders are a major asset. Taking that potential and developing it is highly desirable. The Leadership Development Program is a tool to initiate and maintain the relationship necessary to create leaders from leaders.


OD Surveys Plus

The need for accurate and timely assessment of organizational development priorities has never been more important than in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. Managers must continually be in touch with customer demands, how to adjust services and products to meet customer expectations, how well employees are achieving organizational goals and where the organization needs realignment in order to succeed. Our OD Survey can help you!

TTI Success Insights: Workplace Motivators

What motivates employees to sell, manage, service or connect with customers the way they do? What prompts an employee’s enthusiastic response—a happy customer, a big sale, a tough problem solved? Why do they differ? How can you place the right people in the right jobs and motivate them to achieve more for the organization? The answers to these questions are all based on values.

TTI Success Insights: Sales Version

The TTI Success Insights Sales report is geared towards the sales professional. In some respects, a sales force is the same as any other group of employees. In other respects, it is quite different. The Sales report takes crucial differences into account and provides information on an individual’s style of selling.

TTI Emotional Quotient

In the workforce today, businesses are now structured in a way that almost everyone has some level of decision making ability. Whether the decisions are big or small, they have a direct impact on how successful, efficient and effective individuals are on the job.

TTI’s Professional Development Series

Now more than ever, businesses need highly creative work groups whose output equals more than the sum of their parts. But great teams aren’t just hired, they are actively developed.

TTI Success Insights® DISC

DISC is a widely used behavioral assessment tool, measuring four behavioral styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. DISC measures how a person behaves.

The most comprehensive DISC assessment in the market today, revealing insights into how members of staff, management and leadership are likely to respond in certain situations. DISC provides the ability to measure behaviors of the individual or the entire team.  More info about DISC

Commonly used to: improve teamwork and understand communication styles.

TTI Success Insights: Executive Version

Interacting effectively with a variety of people marks the difference between success and failure. Effective interpersonal interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The TTI Success Insights Executive report gives executives a greater knowledge of themselves and others, leading to enhanced performance.

TTI Success Insights: Management-Staff Version

Talent is a combination of many factors, one of which is behavior. The TTI Success Insights® Management-Staff is a report that not only defines unique behavior, but guides the employee and manager in leveraging behavior for success.

TTI Trimetrix HD: Where Opportunity Meets Talent

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, hiring, developing and retaining top talent is crucial to success. Industry leaders go beyond the traditional resume, interview and yearly review process to use accurate, bias-free assessments to examine individual performance.

Managing Performance Priorities

Managers today have a long list of responsibilities that go beyond the primary task of managing a team’s performance. This causes less focus on working toward goals as a team. Managing Performance Priorities is the solution to staying connected and working effectively as a team.

Team Behavioral Report

Teamwork has always been an important part to the success of any business. Teams are designed to accomplish more work in less time and become capable of handling all aspects required for success. Whether it is one team that runs a company or several at multiple locations, teams are responsible for working together to accomplish a common goal.